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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  October 28, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> it's going to feel like it's us against the world tomorrow. >> this is so much fun. we are of less than 24 hours away from going to and wrigley field. do you tonight the tribe worked out in the windy city. we begin our coverage of sports anchor john tell it from the friendly confines. >> the indians got a workout at the wrigley field thursday afternoon in preparation for game three of the world series. josh tomlin working on his batting because obviously as the starting pitcher in the national league park you will get a few cracks at the plate. what's going to happen with carlos santana?
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by the way, when you're in the outfield at a park that normally plays day baseball, maybe it's tough to pick the baseball out of the lights. here is davis on that. >> and mean when you go out there to center field it's dark but i could see watching the lights last series where he condemn as the ball, where it could be a difference with the lights and the lower and it could make a difference guess we just have to go out there and just make the plays the best weekend. >> for josh tomlin, game three will be an emotional one is his father who has been healing will have an opportunity to be at wrigley field and see his son pitch game three of the world series. >> he hasn't been to a game in quite a while, and it wasn't look like he would get to come to a game at all, so to have him here and just to be able to cm
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but the fact that we get to experience a world series together is pretty neat. can the indians take back the lead in the world series? we will know a lot more late friday night here in chicago. john tillage, fox eight news, wrigley field. big he thinks, even though the series has shifted west, tribe people are still going strong as you would expect here in northeast ohio. >> world series gear is a hot commodity around these parts. melissa reid is here now explain. these numbers are pretty big. >> i'm not only reporting on this, i live to him yesterday i went to get a world series hat, and he had, and they were completely sold out. the indians say it has been this way all week. as soon as they get a world series shipment in, fans come and scoop it up within seconds. to give the pickings are slim at the indians team shop thursday night. >> world series gear is flying
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>> ever got to get the shirt because the indians has always been my team. there's no game today so we will be able to get in and get out without any problems. stephanie cognac even drove up from columbus to get them. >> is a big deal for the indians in for cleveland. >> such a big deal they say they've sold over 72,000 music of the season merchandise in the week. that's an average of 10,286 per day. 428 per hour. fans aren't surprised. you know, because i'm here buying more and i can't find what i want. >> where are you watching the game tomorrow? right at the stadium by a progressive field. tickets are still available for the watch party at progressive field for games, three, four, and five in chicago. clint screenshot of cleveland is going. something to do on a friday night, watch and read our indians on. the indians if there are plenty
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cost you five dollars for general admission. all the money goes to the cleveland indian securities. >> it was just four months ago when 20,000 strong pack take you to watch the cavaliers won the nba finals at golden state. the indians are hoping for the same or more during the world series. >> they're going to sell tons more, let them come back here. >> just these t-shirts right now. they'll be back after their win that says champions on it. >> our gates open at 7:00 p.m. for that watch there is a poor person limit on those tickets liu and tracy, i know if what you're thinking, what is this. you go to the story, and they just opened up a bag i was among the people that skipped it up and got it. this is all they have, hat with sc. >> i think it looks great on you. i know you've been licking for i had for several days. it looks great on you. take my photographer, rj said
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for his world series hat that he had on, so i think maybe i will buy a couple and walk around. from our coverage of the indians pursuit of the world series title, more from chicago, a lot more little later on in this newscast. todd meaney will kickoff coverage from wrigley field tomorrow brett remember the only place you can watch the indians in the world series is right here on fox >> an airplane carrying vice president joe candidate mike pence slid off the runway while landing at new york's laguardia airport. the plane made a rough impact when it landed. the pilot slammed on the brakes and travelers say that they could smell burning rubber. pence told reporters he is fine and no one on board appears to be hurt. the mulch am, once again, brings
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he just wrapped up a huge rally at the sports complex in geneva. >> heap wrapped up about an hour ago. they're now cleaning things appear. there were thousands and thousands of people here inside to this as an olympic and paralympic training facility in geneva. in fact, there were also thousands more people outside trying to get in. all of them trying donald trumps message about why he says he would be a better president than hillary clinton. what she has done to our country is a disgrace and she should be ashamed of herself. >> she lives the high life at your expense making money off the rig system. it is the rig system. are you starting to agree with me about the rigged system?
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he would appeal obama care he also talked extensively about the wikileaks e-mail that he says shows a pattern of corruption with hillary clinton. trump reemphasize building a wall between mexico and ending that corruption. many of his supporters again chanting build a wall, also a newer chance, drain the swamp talking about what he would do when he gets to washington. trump also promised to keep islamic terrorist out of the country and told the cheering crow leadership. >> so we've got to work on a lot of things. we've got to work on coming together. we've got to work on our military. or going to work on our inner cities. the inner cities need help, they are so dangerous. they are crime-ridden. they are so dangerous, there are no jobs, there's essentially no education. >> trump also brought up a local issue here in lake county which
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mexican immigrant serving life in prison for killing at 50 -year-old woman and trying to rape a 14 -year-old girl, you may remember that happened in july of 2015, he brought that up as well and support of why he feels that people should support his immigration plan. this was a historic stop in ohio he was in springfield and toledo before he came here and i can tell you there were thousands and thousands of people to hear him speak. and all of the battleground states as does hillary clinton. >> keep it here for more. before tonight :-) he did a one-on-one interview with stefanie schaeffer. we will bring it to you a bit later in this newscast. democratic running mate tim kane stumped for hillary clinton. he brought minnesota senator and saturday night live alum al franken along for the ride. both talked quite a bit about the motown specifically his
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he has asked if he would respect the outcome of the election and he said you know, what yet, the next day that's what he said that night he said i'm not making a commitment. i want to keep you in suspense. folks, this isn't a tv show. it's not about suspense, this is about a democratic tradition. after the rally in the rain, kane and franken moved onto columbus where they spoke this afternoon. today marks the 27th anniversary of the kidnapping of amy mahal of it. she was just ten years old on this day in 1989 when she was abducted from a shopping center in bay village. her body was found four months later in a farm field and ashley county. there have been some new developments in the case. in june dna testing proves that
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the crime scene may haven't thrown in the towel. it's going to be solved. it's that one little keep that will bless this thing might open finally. authorities are now offering $50,000 for information leading to the arrest of amy's killer. the school district battling a budget elizabeth nike is here now with more on what it is and what it means for the entire community. >> before we get to that we have more to talk about. the school board president has resigned. this is the second city to resign in just a matter week spread tonight we've learned who resigned in early october. the port is, once again, searching for a new president as they present a new plan to try to battle their budget deficit.
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combined into one that idea was met with public outcry. tonight the school board passed a new plan that will allow the schools to become separate. this date giving the parma city school district until november 1 to come up with a fiscal recovery plan to deal with the $15 million debt. the state place the district and fiscal caution back in august. a large part of the new recovery plan includes major cuts which means more than 100 employees could be let go. that appears brunt of the money is being saved. positions like instructional coaches and various specialists are on the chopping block. dozens of positions of artie been cut, but the plan outlines many more over the next five years. once again, parma city schools are trying to find a new school board president as the second person to hold that position has
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>> the second resignation certainly muddles the situation their even more. >> we are told that she resigned after this meeting tonight, no word on why, so that position has been posted on their website and their accepting application through november 2. >> some ohio lawmakers from a different perspective tonight. why will you paying attention? we saw you filling out cards right. >> art cameras rolling during hearings in the state house. how some of you're elected officials we're occupying their time. a pitstop in the middle of a police chase. what happened when suspect
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with the warm weather. a couple of days in the eight day that you might find pretty attractive bracelet show you what's happening right now. a lot of cloud cover looking to the northwest. it's all coming from low pressure still spinning and ontario. notice not much of a temperature bump up, but the high that we did see today 57 that was at 9:00 o'clock this morning. going down every sense. slowly we will be down to 39 great mostly cloudy, breezy and cooler. we gradually see this in break through the clouds. and near normal, 58 degrees. after today's afternoon highs in
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but a gets even nicer. two of the eight days could see temperatures top 70 or even a little higher. we'll show you the eight day. of course, we had our winter weather out look. >> after what we had the past few days here. he's accused of scamming cleveland sports fans. today he went before a judge at that the punishment for our
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the woman faces charges for opening fire on enforcement officers as they worked to clear protesters had to go to access pipeline. officers moved in to clear the protesters from the camp they have set out on by the pipelines developer. they had no issue with the protesters until they begin
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and then, just taking on private property is just it's against the law and we can't let that continue to happen. five others faced charges of conspiracy to impede federal workers and their takeover the facility outside that was back in january. within and out burger drive through, when he appeared to order food and then just drove away. he got out of his pickup truck
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related domestic assault charges. lawmakers appealed to be distracted. what you're elected officials were doing on the job.
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only a 19 camera was rolling to rip off by a con man selling fake tickets. >> what happened today in court is not typical. add gallic has one on the payback for scamming cleveland fans. look, it some of that fake tickets local investigators. these two are to indian broke the story of us when cleveland police arrested jesse joe condo for selling those tickets. but first a quick glance, can you tell which ticket is fake.
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the document tickets toboggans over here. he said for when you're also
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winter weather outlook.
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we were there and we definitely notice no shortage of cubs fans in for the first two games of the world series. >> we'll drive vans represent in chicago? matt wright continues our team coverage tonight from outside wrigley field. if you thought ticket prices were expensive in cleveland, it's $2,100 just to get inside wrigley field for friday night game, that standing room only. the price to just watch the game on tv at bars close to here is
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as $250 per person covered to get in charge. it's not that easy being the type and the windy city. it's rough. they're very quiet and am very loud, but it makes for. >> all my friends around here are cubs fan so we definitely have a lot of beds and lots of smack talk going on. hopefully we bowl this one out. five fans not like enough to get inside. so they can make it into the ballpark with this historic matchup in chicago.
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with us for more coverage of the indians pursuit of the world series title. we have cruise in the windy city. you can also get updates anywhere at and the only place she can go watch the indians in the cubs at the world series is right here on fox 8. the officer is a reserve police officer also works part-time for east cleveland. the chief says the officer was that has him behind the daycare and was unloading his 9-millimeter. >> in this case the individual the suspect outside prosecutor
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appropriate. two weeks away donald trump focused on ohio today making three stops in the buckeye state. one of those was in geneva and we spoke with the republican nominee before the rally tonight. here is stephanie schaefer the only local anchor to interview both trump and hillary clinton this election season. >> talk about so many and decided independence, a critical time right now how do you convince them. >> it just seems to be happening. the polls have been great. lots of things are happening that we are very excited about. saturday actually got a lot of policy in detail at the break your first 100 days in office, your contract with america what are some of his details? >> the big details are cutting
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we're going to build up our military. right now we are so terribly depleted because of them are going to build it up. we're going to have strong borders, but we have to cut taxes, we had to get rid of obama care it's a total disaster. the supreme court so important second amendment youla gets economic forever because our country is in such bad shape. there is a lots of enthusiasm just by hearing the noise behind us, these crowds have been amazing. could you we'll have two questions, but i have to ask you about our cleveland indians. >> i think it's fantastic. they really are just a wonderful
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we wish them luck. in both cleveland and columbus areas on saturday. however, they campaign has two and on specific details. >> as far as i know we did not have any hearing issues. did on they say something about 70 degrees? did i hear that? here he is with all the wonderful details. >> we'll talk about those in a second. they are very persistent. it all part of this weather maker here. of course, that went through with the rain last night.
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its new in the northeast. we have a few lingering spirits of rain. it is on the call side. breezy, cool, cold, the couple is that the brain is not going to be a big issue. then the sun will come out. at least 64 degrees. it will be somewhat windy, but the wind will be blowing in such a way to help the balls get lofted perhaps out of the ballpark. we will see. that is the direction is blowing. more importantly it's going to be dry in chicago as the warm bill moves in. where cold right now, but look at the oscillation back and forth. we will be warm on saturday. then another club down on
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there will be a pattern that takes us right into this eight-day period. it may begin to settle down about 5-10 days into november, but until then, that will afford us lots and lots of variety including at 70 in there. >> lots of variety. to get that fox fox 8 eyes team investigation elected officials got on their bonds in the middle of the ring see how they are
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and exclusive i-team investigation has everybody talking. lawmakers got on the job spending time on facebook filling out cards and more. here is i-team reporter had catholic. we found a state senator browsing on facebook and another hearing lisa a senator filling out birthday cards. that when typing a message on
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columbus at the statehouse went to several state senate committee meetings pretty had to wonder are some of these lawmakers paying attention. why weren't you paying attention? we so you filling out cards. e.g. senator taken aback when the i-team ask him about filling out birthday cards. he represents part of stark and summit counties and all elbowing county. here, hearing about dealing with kids skipping school, the i-team found the rows with the cards n >> i potentially have the opportunity to multitask. we have written testimony. i've gone over it and heard what the students at the same. i'm getting this much work done as i can get done. >> what was so important on the phone? >> a couple of things really cannot. there were things that i was googling as for hearing testimony.
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facebook, tom patton from cuyahoga county, we also saw him texting. another lawmaker appeared to be going to news links on his phone and at times, we saw multiple senators with hands at once is citizens testified talking about things affecting your loss and tax dollars. >> a appreciate the opportunity to offer testimony. he predicted they will likely be strict new rules about what news crews can record in those hearings. >> why spend so much time. saw him in multiple hearings working down phone in hand. said hold on, he can explain, he
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phone for more. >> that as when it's not only will i do that, but there are look into this and the e-mails, the time that you were down the, for example, i was getting a lot of e-mails on my senate e-mail on a particular issue. is it any different than your heritage. in a stack of paper reviewing thele >> it doesn't surprise me. this professor from eight state a state university testified about truancy. >> i understand they have a lot of things are trying to do it into at the same time. at the same time we want them to recognize the importance of a passage of a bill, some of the small line items are literally going to dictate the future for our children. can you look at the camera and say your giving taxpayers their moneys worth? back to the senator with a
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when you least expect it. fox 8, i-team. >> a lot of multitasking going on. hillary clinton: this is not an ordinary time, and this is not an ordinary election. i want to send a message to every boy and girl and indeed to the entire world. that america already is great, but we are great because we are good. we are going to lift each other up. i want us to heal our country and bring it together.
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. not just those at the top. making the best education system from preschool through college. making it affordable, because that's, i think, the best way for us to get the future that our children and our grandchildren deserve. my vision of america is an america where everyone has a place. this is the america that i know and love. if we set those goals and we go together, there's nothing that america can't do. i'm hillary clinton
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we all want to know just how bad is a going to be this year? >> meteorologist work together to compile this extended forecast. here is andre with your winter weather outlook. >> we start looking at it. where all the pieces and parts together. here we go, 2016, 2017. we look at the editorial zone in the last year of the el ni?o, warm water. that's what caused us and our winter to be warm and snowless, but there's no el ni?o this
1:49 am
it's not overly cold. we are going to have to look at other drivers, which are usually in the backseat, their secondary drivers, but this year, because of the weak la ni?a, i think they're going to be in the front seat. won't get into the specifics, but suffice to say i think they're going to be in the driver seat. seek a deeper and deeper into winter particularly in 2017.
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not as cold as it on the normal snowfall. to anybody below normal. new normal snowfall. february kicks in. we put it all together. essentially no free ride this like last winter, last winter we had 32 inches of snow. that is closer to the five-year average which is in our claimant, 66 inches. a little colder than normal when you put it together. more and more winter as you go deeper the way it's looking right now december is the
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>> it is the season for attack ads. >> this politician is taking a different approach inside the ad
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political ads are everywhere. >> one texas bowl edition getting brief reviews for his twist on the typical ad.
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this year we could take that down to 3838. wasn't always like that? yes, all the time. most people only. >> we got three late real cards. >> all he wants to do is fix things. >> this neighborhood, quite frankly, please. >> republican running for commissioner and travis county, texas. it's a numbercrunching norred with an eye rolling wife who is eager to get him out of the house. his political consultant dreamed up the ad which was inspired by the style of the hit tv show the office.
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on tv. >> well done on that sports. in alignment tomorrow. game three of the world series pain plate at wrigley field. he stood there once before for four innings back in 2012. >> if we do decide to do it, the messes up, you can blame me. actually, you can blame me and they must assume a little bit too. that's it as commissioner.
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blowing out. he says he's not worried about the weather. >> i don't know, my job is to go out there and get out as quick as i can and i can control myself. >> in the meantime, backups are losing the services what is big bats. tore up a pair of knee ligaments and returned to action in game one of the fall classic as the sufferer and the series a member of our fate is your home for the world series. dubbed meaning reporting from wrigley field. the rabbi from progressive field in chicago starting at 4:00 p.m.
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very good about the indians taking home the win. >> the weather will be normal tomorrow, 59 degrees. my thai guns back from the dry cleaner. we're going to win. >> the famous on vacant but die. that's only time i have about the news at 10:00 p.m. z25ehz z16fz
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>> chris: i'm chris hansen. right now, on "crime watch ? ? >> chris: there is blood everywhere. >> and overwhelming sweet, sour smell of blood. >> chris: a single mom is naked and death in the bathtub. stabbed 80 times. a scene of absolute horror discovered by her identical twin daughters. >> these two girls had just witnessed something i could not comprehend.


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